What Else Is Required To Become A Licensed Electrician

Electrician school training is not optional in most states in the United States of America. In a land of freedom why such constraints upon this profession? Surely, you’ve known many people that are good with their hands and can fix “anything”.

In short, let me tell you this story. I was attempting to install a basic light switch in my second bathroom. I went to Home Depot and purchased the equipment from them. They had very capable staff members that asked me lots of questions and I interviewed them more or less about the project of installing a motion detector light switch. It is one of those switches that do not require you to flip the switch in order for the lights to come on. It turns off automatically when it senses nobody is in the room.

Well after getting everything shut off in the house in Clifton Hill . I started working on the switch. First I noticed my hands getting moist and my heart beating rapidly. Because this is electricity and thousands of people die every year from doing things with electricity and not respect its power.

I managed to get the wires all configured as best I could and I flipped the switch and it worked. I was ecstatic. Later on, after a few days, I noticed a singed smell. Like the smell of fire melting plastic. After going to the bathroom I noticed smoke coming from the light socket I just installed days ago. After putting out the blaze I repented of doing this. I decided to never take a shortcut and try to do something when you really need a licensed electrician to do it for you.

Most candidates start in an electrician apprenticeship program. These programs require that you first be 18 years and older, have graduated with a good high school education. Reading, writing, math’s are great to prepare you for this profession. If you’ve got additional experience fixing things that will help.

Before you attend electrician school you’ll need to have a good eye and hand coordination and not be color blind. That was part of the problem I did not see a dark brown wire and mixed up a couple of the others. Besides I cannot read diagrams to save my life. I was nervous and risking too much…our lives and home to a basic job like a light fixture, so i called your electrician brisbane .

Being healthy with the proper weight will go a long way since you’ll be placed in awkward positions and situations just to do a job.

Your future is very bright to get in on this booming profession. You can join the electrician union and be accruing all the benefits that the union affords its members. Including even higher wages and benefits for you and your family. Most jobs that an electrician contractor does he or she gets paid big bucks for.
In conclusion, if being an electrician is of interest to you, invest some time to find the right electrician school for you and begin your training soon!