Electrician Contractors Make More Money

If you’ve just completed high school and are looking to become a certified electrician this is the perfect time to get in on a lucrative and rewarding career. You must attend some type of accredited electrician school and meet the required hours of training if you want to make the big bucks.

And who doesn’t?

The investment you’re making in your future career is significant. The time it takes, the energy involved is all invaluable. Not to mention that you have to pay for it.

ITT Technical school offers an accredited school on a host of trades. From computer information systems to becoming an electrician. You can learn it at many locations around the United States via the ITT Technical school.

As you know, the prospects of electricians going out of demand are highly unlikely. Electricity is all around us. You could work on construction or job sites, in various types of climates. If you like to stay in the office and manage projects you could become a high paid electrician contractor. The time it takes to reach that level is really up to you and your own ambition.

Since many of the people that you deal with are going to be older than you, it is best to work into this in stages. What I imagine is someone who completes the technical training, becomes licensed in the state to which you’ll be practicing your trade get employed at an electric company as an electrician apprenticeship program participant.

The electrician apprentice is usually your first job straight away from completing your training. You are an apprentice practicing your craft and building up not only a resume of experience but also making a decent wage. The starting pay for an apprentice on average but depending on the location (eg. the east and west coasts pay the most) is $28,000.

You’ll likely start out repairing electrical boxes, installing panels in homes or residences. This is sort of like the basic electrical work that is a given to know.