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Understanding Why Electricians Charge So Much

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If you have ever gotten a quote on having electrical work done for your home, you may have experienced a little bit of sticker shock. The cost to have anything done to your home’s electrical system can be extremely high. Why do electricians charge so much? What exactly are you paying for?

As it turns out, there are a lot of good reasons why electricians charge such high prices. First and foremost, the job that they do is extremely dangerous. There is a real risk of electrocution when working with any type of wiring. Dangerous jobs tend to pay a lot more than those that don’t involve as much risk.

The risk doesn’t end there, either. If the wiring is done incorrectly, it could pose a major risk to your family and your home. Electrical problems are one of the leading causes of house fires. In order to ensure that they don’t make any mistakes, electricians undergo rigorous training. The knowledge and skills that they learn give them the necessary expertise to avoid making mistakes when dealing with wiring projects. This can help keep your family safe.

The risk involved in any type of electrical work contributes to the high expense, largely because of the cost of insurance. Electricians have to pay for health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and liability insurance. In such a risky profession, those expenses can really add up. They have to be able to earn enough money to cover the cost of insurance, which forces them to charge high price .

The other thing that you have to consider is that the time that an electrician spends on a project involves far more than just the time that they spend actually working on the wires. They have to drive to and from the job sites. Not only does this take time but it also requires them to have a working vehicle and to cover the cost of gas.

After they arrive, they have to spend time talking to the homeowner and identifying the problem. Again, this adds to the total time involved in the project. Once the work is done, they have to reconnect with the homeowner to let them know how things went, adding to the total time spent on the project. Even though the actual work itself may not take very long, the total time invested in the job can be quite high.

That doesn’t even take into account all of the other time required to run the business. Managing inventory, ordering supplies, renewing licenses, dealing with paperwork, and all of the other aspects of running a business take time. Electricians need to charge enough to be able to pay themselves for the time that they have to spend on their business, even if that time is not directly spent working on wiring.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of why electricians charge so much. Even though their rates are often quite high, they are usually justified. Think about how important your home’s electrical system is to your lifestyle and to the safety of your family. When you consider the central role that it plays in your life, it is easy to see why it is worth investing money in hiring a qualified professional to make any upgrades or repairs.

Different Types of Electrical Materials That You Should Know About

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Electrical materials are the different parts that help to make an electrical project successful. There can be hundreds of different types of electrical materials that can be used. Starting from a switch to a high-end motor, all these are electrical materials that are used in providing electricity or used in machines that require electricity. Given below are some of the most common electrical materials that you will see around you.

1. Switch

Probably the first thing that you do when you come back home in the evening or when there is darkness in the room is switch the light on. Yes, switches are the most common electrical materials that you use every day. This is an electrical device that helps to connect and disconnect the flow of electricity in a circuit. When the flow of electricity is connected, you see the light glowing and there is no light when the flow of electricity is disconnected.

2. Fuse

Another common electrical material is the fuse. Almost every household member will know how to fix a fuse. It is that device that prevents short-circuiting in your house by blowing automatically and cutting the current when there is an electric overload. Modern fuses don’t blow automatically. They simply cut the current down when the flow of electricity is too high or too low.

3. Male plug

Have you seen those plug-like structures that are inserted into a convenience outlet in order to conduct electricity? These are known as male plugs. There is a flat cord that is attached to one end and on the other end, there is an appliance or a current consuming instrument.

4. Convenience outlet

Do you have a device where you connect the main plug of the computer, your sound box, and the PlayStation together? It is a rectangular device with multiple plugging options. This is a convenience outlet that provides electricity to several appliances at the same time. In fact, this is one of those places where you can insert a male plug. You will get several types of convenience outlet depending on the number of appliances you want to connect.

5. Circuit breaker

Another version of the fuse is the circuit breaker. This will also cut down the flow of electricity whenever there is an overload or there are chances of a short circuit.

6. Electrical wires and conductors

These are the paths through which electricity passes from one point to the other. There are two types of wires that are used these days: the stranded wire that has multiple strands of wire joined together and they finally make one single wire. That is why you will see copper strands when you slice open a wire. The second type is a solid wire that has one single strand of aluminum or copper wire going through it. These kinds of wires are used in installing the electricity system in big buildings.

Now that you have got an idea of the type of electrical materials, you will be more cautious while using them.

Starting Your Own Electrician Business

Just about every individual who started their particular business experienced a dream about making tons of capital and working less. To achieve this wish, one ought to consider the kind of customers that they want. Do you want to have to constantly phone people for delinquent payments after you have finished the project? After you have paid for materials? After you have taken care of your own personal payments? Or do you wish to have customers that call you to arrange payments after the project has been finished? Get the objective? Nobody is forcing you to work with people that you feel uneasy with. If you’re great at electrical work and a very good person, there are several people out there who desperately wish to find you!


For an electrician business to get started, some tools must be required. Other than a vehicle, an electrician can begin with about $1000 worth of tools. A tool bag, ladder, testing gadgets etc… If I can make one suggestion, is to buy tools as you need them rather than spending money on tools that you may not use for a number of months. By doing this, you are avoiding possible debt…

Keep Low Overhead

Always do your best to be as realistic as you possibly can when assessing your small business. Be aware that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a successful business. Always keep an eye on your finances and spend the least amount of money as possible. No big corporation spends money without a purpose. Be smart about where you spend your cash and understand that all money spent on the business should be considered as an investment. Are you willing to wait for 5 years before getting that money back?


Organizing your electrician small business is vital. Whether you choose to keep your information on paper or computer spreadsheets, this keeps a good understanding and relationship between you and your business. Sometimes people get carried away in the work and lose track of what’s important, particularly if they’re working 12 hours a day. Always keep an eye on where your small business is heading towards, finances and growth. Ask yourself, why did you start an electrician business in the first place?

What Else Is Required To Become A Licensed Electrician

Electrician school training is not optional in most states in the United States of America. In a land of freedom why such constraints upon this profession? Surely, you’ve known many people that are good with their hands and can fix “anything”.

In short, let me tell you this story. I was attempting to install a basic light switch in my second bathroom. I went to Home Depot and purchased the equipment from them. They had very capable staff members that asked me lots of questions and I interviewed them more or less about the project of installing a motion detector light switch. It is one of those switches that do not require you to flip the switch in order for the lights to come on. It turns off automatically when it senses nobody is in the room.

Well after getting everything shut off in the house in Clifton Hill . I started working on the switch. First I noticed my hands getting moist and my heart beating rapidly. Because this is electricity and thousands of people die every year from doing things with electricity and not respect its power.

I managed to get the wires all configured as best I could and I flipped the switch and it worked. I was ecstatic. Later on, after a few days, I noticed a singed smell. Like the smell of fire melting plastic. After going to the bathroom I noticed smoke coming from the light socket I just installed days ago. After putting out the blaze I repented of doing this. I decided to never take a shortcut and try to do something when you really need a licensed electrician to do it for you.

Most candidates start in an electrician apprenticeship program. These programs require that you first be 18 years and older, have graduated with a good high school education. Reading, writing, math’s are great to prepare you for this profession. If you’ve got additional experience fixing things that will help.

Before you attend electrician school you’ll need to have a good eye and hand coordination and not be color blind. That was part of the problem I did not see a dark brown wire and mixed up a couple of the others. Besides I cannot read diagrams to save my life. I was nervous and risking too much…our lives and home to a basic job like a light fixture, so i called your electrician brisbane .

Being healthy with the proper weight will go a long way since you’ll be placed in awkward positions and situations just to do a job.

Your future is very bright to get in on this booming profession. You can join the electrician union and be accruing all the benefits that the union affords its members. Including even higher wages and benefits for you and your family. Most jobs that an electrician contractor does he or she gets paid big bucks for.
In conclusion, if being an electrician is of interest to you, invest some time to find the right electrician school for you and begin your training soon!

Electrician Contractors Make More Money

If you’ve just completed high school and are looking to become a certified electrician this is the perfect time to get in on a lucrative and rewarding career. You must attend some type of accredited electrician school and meet the required hours of training if you want to make the big bucks.

And who doesn’t?

The investment you’re making in your future career is significant. The time it takes, the energy involved is all invaluable. Not to mention that you have to pay for it.

ITT Technical school offers an accredited school on a host of trades. From computer information systems to becoming an electrician. You can learn it at many locations around the United States via the ITT Technical school.

As you know, the prospects of electricians going out of demand are highly unlikely. Electricity is all around us. You could work on construction or job sites, in various types of climates. If you like to stay in the office and manage projects you could become a high paid electrician contractor. The time it takes to reach that level is really up to you and your own ambition.

Since many of the people that you deal with are going to be older than you, it is best to work into this in stages. What I imagine is someone who completes the technical training, becomes licensed in the state to which you’ll be practicing your trade get employed at an electric company as an electrician apprenticeship program participant.

The electrician apprentice is usually your first job straight away from completing your training. You are an apprentice practicing your craft and building up not only a resume of experience but also making a decent wage. The starting pay for an apprentice on average but depending on the location (eg. the east and west coasts pay the most) is $28,000.

You’ll likely start out repairing electrical boxes, installing panels in homes or residences. This is sort of like the basic electrical work that is a given to know.